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Auction reminder for SHINY Entei MC+ and clear file folders

Good afternoon, all. This is the final reminder for my auctions of a SHINY Entei MC+ and three clear file folders ending on this Friday, at 9:00 PM (EST). They have low bids at the moment, so get your bids in if you are tempted. I only have one left of each of them.
Note: Just for clarification, the auction for the MC+ and clear file folder will still be ended tomorrow at 9:00 PM (EST. time)

Click either of the picture to go to the original post.


Also, I'm still taking offers on these items, all at a low offer right now, from my sale post - Climbing post Lucario zukan, Clear Shaymin tomy with sparkles on her hair, and a RARE 9.5" tall shimmery Suicune plush. Come and see more great items in my sales.

IMPORTANT: I am going to take offers for the items before the midnight of next Wednesday. I will not set a fixed ending time in order to avoid the sniping and will end the offer anytime at night. So your last chance to offer would be sometime in the day on Wednesday by suggestion. Thank you!

(Awake Dragonite to see my sale and offer items. :p)

Tags: auction, entei, lucario, sales, shaymin, suicune
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