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I should get in the habit of doing these more often...

Time for something I have not done in forever, a collection update!!! Money has been very tight for me, the tightest it has been since I joined the community 3 1/2 years ago! Thus, I have not been buying as much, just little things here and there! Since I have not done a collection update in ages, it will seem like I have acquired a lot though...

Let us start with my main collection, Suicune (aka butt ribbons)...

Both of these lovely new editions are thanks to ambertdd! I had a heck of a time locating the Suicune candy topper and just about lost all hope in ever finding one until ambertdd put one up for auction, back in November of 2010, in the community!

This chou get beauty is thanks to larvitarscar! Now all I need is the silver one...;)

I finally got my hands on this keychain thanks to the awesome yaoi_queen! She also sent some much appreciated bonuses...:D

Some new Suicune TCG...

I also had someone ask me about all my Shiny Suicune items. Sadly, I can't recall who it was who asked?! Curse this horrid memory of mine! Anyway, my Shiny Cune collection in its entirety...

Don't tell Margarita, my Shiny Suicune PokeDoll, but I like Shiny Giratina better...XD

Here we have the last of my new Suicune items, along with the 1st item, I will be showing off, of my new Team Rocket gets!!

I was not really sure what to expect when I won these two books in a community GA. What were they even?! Let's take a look inside, starting with the Gold, Silver, Crystal book...

 To my surprise, they are notebooks, but they come with a bonus...

Stickers!! XD

Here is the Team Rocket one:

Best stickers ever, wouldn't you agree?!

More stickers that are to awesome for words!

I will wrap up my TR collection update with Giovanni's Earth Badge!

Actually, I am going to have to wrap up this update for the time being! Like always, time is getting away from me I'm afraid!! I still have more to show off including purple kitties, ghostly worms, and lizards with baggy pants! Oh, I can't forget, I also have a Pickles' Tale. I have not done one of those in a very long time, I hope Pickles can forgive me!!

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