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Commissions Round 7 part 1, Custom Plush Auctions, and Sales

My goodness it's been so long since I did a sales post =;v;= I decided to whip out all the stops since I really need to get some money for bills like my new car, and I'm also getting ready to move again. So the sales is to help clear out my excess because I'm moving farther away than just 15 minutes, [like 2 hours]. So anyone that participates in any three of these, I thank you very much and really appreciate it <3~

So, first order of business, sales. My sales post consists of mostly lots and two single items, so check them out, the lots are cheap ;D [Nothing over $20] and anyone just starting out with sales permission may be able to stock their store with some nifty stuff! Click the image for sales:

Second, custom plush auctions! Anyone that was near my DA last night saw me upload a bunch of new customs and guess what, a lot are for auction ;D So come take a look at them here:
Custom Plush Auctions
Auctions include: Gastly, Shiny Minun, Petilil, Shiny Litwick, Litwick Emoticubes, Yamask, Jumpluff, and Driftloon.

Lastly, commissions for anyone who doesn't want anything in the auctions or just wants lots of my plush ;p Follow the cut for details on commissions:

I will be taking 8 slots since many people seem to want double slots, and that's okay, you're all totally allowed to get more than one ;D

Also, please note that since I am in need of money for bills, it is imperative that I promptly have money. So this will be the only time I will be asking for the material fee and plush fee combined. I'm sorry if this inconveniences anyone :( I would be willing to do a small payment plan for those that need it.

My terms and examples can be found on my website here: SPW Customs

1. mana_mihara - shiny yanma - complete: shipping pending
2. mana_mihara - shiny lilligant - complete: shipping pending
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