Ash Ketchup (combustion__) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Ash Ketchup

So who has the best boyfriend ever?

I do!


Because he hunts for Pokemon merch for me! After going to several TRUs and Targets, he found some of the B&W TCG decks stocked early! I guess they were hidden behind the old decks so he had to dig for them. xD They apparently had some of each grass, fire, and water. He bought me grass so that's all I have at the moment. So US fanatics, keep an eye out for merch soon! I'm sure a lot of places will accidentally stock their shelves too early. I stand corrected! I guess the themed decks were meant to come out today!

Care to see a preview of what the US cards look like? Check under the cut!

Apologies for phone camera quality pictures and bad lighting!

This is the cute little box the cards come in.

Bad picture (it was too shiny!) of the coin. It has oshawott, snivy, and tepig on it.

Here is the playmat with the dragons on it.

Here are the cards.

And finally, the checklist for the series! Scanned it in so you can read it better. xD

It also came with a code so you can unlock the deck for the tcg on!

Good luck everyone who is collecting Gen V cards this year! <3

Edit: Here's some pictures of the water set! Sorry if too many pictures on one post D:

The pretty box! I am going to keep these for sure! (The coin is the same as grass set, just blue!)

And the cards! Such pretty art in some of them. *Sparkles*

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