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Hey all!

Hi guys! I'm not new ^^; I'm fernchu under a new name! Lampent is one of my favorite gen 5 pokemon, so I snagged this LJ name awhile back but only am recently starting to shift over!

You all can still call me fernchu/fern if you want ^^; It's what I've most commonly gone by for some time so it's totally fine.

Anyways onto some exciting new updates!


First up! Bell plush - Assemble!


See a new member? Can you spot the only official bell plush I have? :D


Garchomp is my newest addition! Made by the super talented Hibikitikibi~!


Garchomp bell plush with her daddy~! XD


I then got an awesome package from usakochan! One of my all time favorite custom plush makers, I added a new item to my collection of amazing items made by her: A Shikijika/Deerling Hoodie. Of my favorite form - Fall!


I photograph horrible so..no face for you. Besides just look as the awesome hoodie.


I've worn it out twice, and I always get compliments on it and people ask where it's from only to seem equally surprised that it was hand made, and not made to purchase from a store. One person knew it from Pokemon :D

Also in the package was a new addition to my Umbreon plush~! The new updated American Pokedoll, that hasn't been available to Kiosks yet. Usakochan picked him up for me ^o^


Some shots of the gang


Also it wouldn't be all of my pokedolls if I didn't include my custom !Shiny! Umbreon Pokedoll, one of my prized possessions, she was made awhile back by an artist who isn't taking commissions.



Oh oh oh and in parting I have these lovelys packaged up and ready to go out by the weeks end!


Big boxes and packages!

Okay I don't want to get to OT, but I am moving next week! And it's not just a move down the street oh no! I'm moving from North Carolina to Mississippi!! I know people may need to get in contact with me, and I will not have the internet up right away (like 1-2 weeks max). Fortunately I have one of those fancy droid phones with the internet and email XD BUT! I may still miss PMs/posts.

If you need to get a hold of me:

please email me at THIS email address, as it is linked directly to my phone, and I get it just like a text message:

manedcorgie @ gmail . com

Thanks guys! :D

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