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My first post is a collection post! My Pokemons. Let me show you them. (Image Heavy! :P)

Hey there, Pokemon Collectors! :)

I'm Pirka, and I've been lurking here for a really long time, commenting on posts but never making my own. Since I had a little spare time on my hands (a rare occurance, heh), I decided to use it to photograph my Pokemon!

It's not really a "collection" per se - I just buy what I like, though I'm thinking of starting some themed mini-collections for my favourites - but it is nonetheless precious to me! It is plush by a vast majority, but there are some other items, too!


First up, we'll start with some of my oldest items - stuff I got when I was a little kid! <3

Plush keychains! I've had these for as long as I can remember...

The Squirtle (whose tail has come undone, giving him a mutant monkey-looking one O_O), Mew and Eevee are all part of the same set, as are the Bulbasaur and Pikachu (they might be bootlegs, I have no idea).

Now these are definitely bootlegs, but I love them anyway. I got them at a pharmacy when I was, like, 6 or 7. I used to have a really derpy-looking Mewtwo as well, but I can't find him. ): The Eevee emits a high-pitched squeak when you squeeze it. The Mew is probably supposed to do the same, but it just makes a pathetic-sounding noise as its' body isn't big enough for the squeaker to work. xD

Squishy Gengar! He's made of a foam material like a stress toy that can be skooshed and skooshed! I'm pretty sure he's official, since one of his feet (the one that, ironically, has been partially ripped off) says "(c) Nintendo" on it.


These two are from Burger King promotions that were years apart. The Sandslash is from the first one, which I remember very fondly! <3 I used to have a LOT more toys from it, actually, orz. The Kecleon is from a later promotion that I think might have focused on cards?

Capsule figures! The Pichu-in-a-bottle was from a machine at the movie theatre and the Prinplup was from Pacific Mall (if you are from Toronto, you will know where I am talking about xD).

Eensy-weensy Raticate! <3 He is even smaller than he looks in this picture; I used to have a matching Rattata as well but I have no idea where it went. I think it is probably a bootleg, but a VERY good-looking one. Rattata and Raticate were some of my favourite Pokemon as a little kid, and I got mad when anyone dissed them on the schoolyard. :P

I'm actually thinking of starting a bona-fide Raticate/Rattata collection. Here's one of the reasons why:

See these two identical Raticate figures? One of them I won in a Pokemon trivia competition at Anime North...and, by complete coincidence, the other is the only remaining specimen of my old Pokemon figure collection, found at the bottom of a plastic box. It's like a story about twins seperated at birth who find each other years later!

Now, on to the PLUSH! <3

Fairly recent Jakks beanies. Shellos is one of my favourite fourth-gen Pokemon! Uxie watches over me while I play video games. Sneasel is one of a set of two - I have this one and my best friend has the other one! Friendship Sneasel!

Plusle, Hoppip and Raichu plushies! I am not sure, but I think that the Hoppip and Raichu come from the same set. I got the Plusle on my first trip to New York City; the Raichu was given to me by my Mom at the airport many moons ago; the Hoppip is nicknamed "Yuzi" because that is inexplicably what Hoppip is renamed in the absolutely FLIPPIN' HILARIOUS "Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal" bootleg game. If you haven't seen it, search it right now. "Volcano Bakemeat!" "MONATERS!"

My Dad got me Totodile and Cyndaquil - and AIPOM, my favourite Pokemon ever! (More on that in a moment.) - from Pokemon Center New York when it still existed (RIP, though Nintendo World is still awesome). They are made out of a washcloth-like material and are designed to lie down on their stomachs. I like to make Totodile and Cyndaquil BRO HUG! :P

Aipom is super special! When I asked Dad to see if he could find an Aipom, I was expecting him to come home empty-handed...but, no, there he was with a big smile on his face! He is always right beside my computer desk and I have a tendency to put him on my head while doing video reviews of things (example: my reaction to the 3DS). He has also gone through several different nicknames throughout his life, most of which I don't remember, and spent a little while as a girl. O_O; I was a wierd kid...but, for now, he is just Aipom. <3 My Aipom.

This was one of the first Pokemon toys I ever got. I bought him at a pharmacy (but, strangely enough, not the same one mentioned earlier - why did I buy so many toys at drug stores when I was little?). He has one of the cutest expressions I have ever seen and a floofey firey tail!

This is another one with a story attached to it. Way, way back when, the big word around the schoolyard was "NEW POKEMON ARE COMING" (the Johto ones...wow, that seems like forever ago), including what everyone used to call "Pikablu", which, as we now know, is Marill! Marill is still one of my favourite Pokemon ever, and this plush probably played a part in that (as did two other things - getting a Marill coloring sheet as a reward in class and having another person's Marill toy star in the surreal class movie Marill Meets Scream 4 [and there's really a Scream 4 coming out now. WHERE'S MARILL?! xD]). I am even holding him in a family portrait taken when I was 10 years old!

He has a zipper on his back leading to a pouch too small to put anything in. I never used it because he was real to me, and real Marill don't have zippers. <3

What's this? Another one with a story? Yep; this Jigglypuff has been through thick and thin with me. She was bought for me as a gift from my Dad when I was really sick many years ago - a high fever, shivering and wrapped in a blanket at all times kind of sick, eventually landing me in the ER - and it went a long way in making me feel better, especially since I had never seen a real Jigglypuff before and the first episode of the Pokemon anime I ever saw was Jigglypuff's debut episode! The two of us would go to school and jump in piles of leaves together, and she even went with me to Pokemon Live (oh, god, Pokemon Live <3 So bad yet so awesome), where I "battled" another kid's Pikachu plushie as we waited in line! I forget who won after all of those years. xD

Here's a group-- waaait a minute, you're not a Pokemon! Get out of the picture, Koromon! xD

Er, moving on...

I got my Croagunk at Canada's Wonderland, the Skarmory (another awesome, underappreciated Pokemon!) from my Dad when he went to Pokemon Center (see above), and the Pikachu was...a gift from my bus driver for being good all year. O_O; Weird, but awesome nonetheless!

Well, it seems that we've come to the end of my first post - sorry if it was too long! ^^; However, I saved the best for last - a HILARIOUS BOOTLEG! Feast your eyes on the wonder/horror that is...RASTACHU:

Decked out in the colors of the Jamaican flag (and an inexplicably neon orange tail), Rastachu the Jamaican Bootleg Pikachu is all about the Pokes, mon! xD He's also got the flag itself on his stomach, leather cheeks and hollow, rabbit-like ears. This guy always cracks me up. I like to pretend he has a Jamaican accent, too. :P

BTW, I bought this when I was in Jamaica on vacation when I was, like, 6, and slept with him every night in the hotel room. :D

I'm looking forward to being a part of Pokemon Collectors! Yoroshiku onegai shimasu~!

~ Pirka

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