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~ Derpy Dragon Collection Update ~

After getting quite a few items recently, I decided to hold a collection update on one of my main collections! I got a certain item that sparked this update and here's a little preview of it~ :3





This is a picture of ALMOST the entire collection! There were two items that came in the mail today, though I didn't have the time to take a new picture. This picture was taken a few days ago but was unable to post due to LJ problems. ;u; My collection is pretty modest right now and is mostly focused on Zweilous, who is my favorite of this line. I normally don't like the middle evo but I can't help it when he's this unique looking~ <333

A common theme in my collection is an ongoing joke between me and my friend that if I caught a Zweilous it would probably have one normal head and then one head with his tongue hanging out and acting stupid as hell! :D


So the items not pictured here that I just got today were these two by flag who is known for making her one of a kind bell plushes on here! I was very happy to have gotten Zweilous from her. I know he's not that popular among these three but I'm always silly and anxious when something is exclusive~ As usual her bell plushes always include gorgeous art! :'3



Next up is the handful of customs from hibikitikibi who has a long list of unique customs! I love gathering all herself and my goal for each collection is to get one of each type from her! She always makes really well made sculptures especially, and the derpyness is perfect whenever I order derpy dragons from her~ ;3



Another exclusive set in my collection is the one of a kind line of customs by my bff wishuponjirachi whose jewelry is one of my favorite things in all my collections. These were given to me as a Christmas present and I tend to wear Hydreigon around quite a bit! ;u;


Next up is a custom crochet plush made by kassia9 who made my very first Monozu item~ His yarn is very soft and I love the way she made his head! :3


foureyedalien was one of the people who sparked the derpy dragon joke with me, and as soon as I fell in love with the idea I commissioned her for a sculpture of him! She made my first ever collection item and she also included this adorable art of Zweilous stepping onto a certain shiny Solosis that my rival/bff collects. Because Zweilous is better. Just saying. 8C


A tiny canvas from the awesome zenity is another must-have in my collections! My camera didn't do justice to this piece, but I love it so much and I like the little Deino in the corner. C:


Next is the charms wishuponjirachi made with me after I drew a joke pokedoll tag, made a charm of it and we decided to sell them! ;u; I wasn't into the shiny line and they're still not my favorites, but I kept them anyway. Hydreigon done in Jirachi's style is too cute - it was probably my favorite from the batch. ;u;




Next is the charms I have gotten from people on the community! In order it goes a fellow Oregonian, hazuza , the well known reilaa , and finally my favorite charm girl ever who I've ordered from almost every time she orders, taycs !



And for the buddy in my collection, it's Luzio who was made for me by usako_chan in a rush!plush auction! I got him on Christmas Eve and it really made my night after 10+ hours at work. C': He goes with me almost everywhere, and is still super soft~


And finally for the grande finale of my collection update I am presenting a figurine made for me as a surprise recently~


You saw the pokedoll charms above I made withwishuponjirachi and I joked with her about how cute it would be to make figurines based on our wonder twin pokedoll art, and make small tush tags with our pokedoll art for them. Then BAM I got this! ;A; I absolutely love it since Hydreigon was my favorite of our batch. After getting this, it sparked my love for this guy and now I want more items of him... Has anyone else ever gotten that? An item that sparked a change in who you wanted to focus on collecting more in a line? :'DDD

Seriously, look at that figure. And it's tiny tush tag. ;A; He's pretty big! I love him to death oh lawdy. ;;

Thanks for looking! I am waiting on a few more items, but expect an update from me and my candle boys soon~ ;3



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