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Korth's Arceus GA has arrived! + Taking offers on EVERYTHING!

(sorry I am spaming and posting twice today OTL)
You heard it exactly right!!! :D

korth 's GA arrived today to my home!!! <3333

I have found out shipping for some of you AND taken pictures for each of your claims!!! Just ask me if you would like to see your claims and I will give you the link! :)

Here is the spreadsheet!!


I have found out most of the shipping from me to you. Please send the shipping payments to: shiroihebi.lea(@)gmail.com

Thank you guys for participating! <3333


Second part of this post. I am getting rid of EVERYTHING from leftovers and my sales post, and EVERYTHING is up for offers!!!! I have some rare plushies, figures, poofs, Marble bags and about 100 MANY MANY OTHER THINGS! Please help me get rid of the stuff, because I want space in my room and need some money too! ;W;

Here's what are up for offers:

Arceus DX UFO plush is like new with his tags. The same with the pink Shellos.  You can ask me any other things about what condition these are. Deino unfinished custom and Pikachu plush sold.

Unclaimed hiragana poofs. All in new condition.
Sold: Tangrowth, Corphish, Staravia, Treecko

Random things lot. Lots of the things are the Burger King spinners, otherwise keychains, TOMYs and other things. Just ask.

Crappy photo is crappy OTL But at least they are recoginzable..I hope.

Chous, squishies, glass holders, kids and a Hitmonlee retsuden stamp. Cleffa sold.

Those little red things are tiny Poliwhirl and Rhydon figures, the blue ones are Geodude and Graveller and the big is Meowth if you didn't notice. There's one stack of stickers, which is the one with Pika and Marill and there is this whole stack of stickers (Seel, Tentacruel, Tentacool, Gyarados, Magikarp, Seaking, Goldeen, Slowbro and Slowpoke) which belong into that small "book" :) Both sold!

Other random things. Poliwhirl and Jigglypuff are bells that jingle! Tentacruel TFG sold.

Other random figure and a Togepi chou. One Tentacruel and Smoochum sold.

Postcards. Charmander one is sold.

Applause plushies in pokeballs. Only Charmander and Seel are left.

Other Applause plushies with a random pokeball. Geodude sold.

Plushies from Burger King. Pikachu sold.

Pogs. Pidgey sold.

Random pogs and coins. Vileplume, Starmie, Tantacool and Weedle sold.

Other random things. Sandshrew marble, Charizard bouncy ball and Ekans flip sold. Lickytung marble on hold.

Everything is available except Vileplume and Weedle marbles.

Marble bags. All have their string. Vileplume and Rhydon sold.

Other marble bags. Have all their strings. Sandshrew sold.

Only Unown chou available here.

Only Golem TOMY available.

Only Taillow gone. Raichu is a bootie for free.

Articuno things XD

Only Kyogre figure available. Flaps with wings.

Everything is avalable except the two Pika stamps.

Everything here except Lucario, Minun and Charizard.

Everything available except Machoke, Machop and Dragonite.

Bought this at a convention, but I decided to get rid of it.

Thank you very much for taking a look! <333
Tags: group auction, payments, sales
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