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First Sales Post!

Hey everyone! I figured now that I have sales permission [from dakajojo on 4/7/2011], a sales post is in order! Spring cleaning sales and offers I guess, I've got HG/SS Pokemon Centre charms, plushies, keychains, books, figures, tomys, cards, stickers and more! Lots of merch, mostly of the older generation 'mons here. No banner yet, so follow my Pichu Bros. plush [they're up for offers too!*]

*hat not included.

Also curious if there would be any interest in these plush:

I went and bought the set for Zekrom and Sandile, but the rest would be up for grabs [once they get here XD]. Unsure of pricing though, since I don't think I've seen them for sale in here [yet?] so maybe I'll auction them off ^^;
*EDIT* I'll be auctioning these off once they arrive, seems like no one has a price range in mind, but there is interest XD

Thanks for taking a look! :3
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