Blackjack Gabbiani (blackjackrocket) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Blackjack Gabbiani


Ok people, listen up. Today I bring to you something truly amazing--more DPPt stickers than you have ever seen in your lives! Fifty-two pages of them! Some of them huge and shiny!

And they're all for auction! Find your favorites like Rotom, Dawn (yes this lot includes humans!), Darkrai, Piplup, Gizamimi Pichu, Arceus, and more! Also features Team Rocket! I haven't confirmed it, but I think this has pretty darn close to every pokemon ever (from the first 4 gens). It certainly, despite being a very solidly 4th gen series, has a lot from the previous ones. Also, AN ENTIRE PAGE OF UNOWNS.

-Auction goes from the time I officially open this auction to Thursday at 5 pm Pacific time. --OK have at it!
-Anything bid on in the last 5 minutes of the auction will remain open for 15 additional minutes
-I accept checks, cash, and Paypal from US buyers, but only Paypal for international
-I'll ship them between cardboard slats. Because these are flatter than usual, my normal gift-with-purchase can't be given unless combined with a nonflat from blackjacksales
-I reserve the right to refuse bids
-All prices in USD. Please bid in increments of a dollar.
-Some pages will be refered to by their background color and their page number. Those numbers can be found on their bottom corners (stating this since those numbers don't pop out and some might not notice them)
-Page of Unowns is out of order, being the last in the group

The first book. Cover is not a sticker.

This is a maze. I'll throw in the solution page (not pictured) that goes with it.

The second book!

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