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bless the little queen。

Hey everyone! :D Been a while since I've done a collection update, and I've accumulated quite a bit of stuff lately! So why not?

I guess I'll start with my most recent get! This guy:

Shiny Shinx from katcheecricket! :D I've had my eye on him for a while. I think I snagged him for a nice price. ♥ He's super cute and huggable, and his ears are all floppy. I want a mini Shinx collection, but I don't have the funds to go all out with it right now. But I'm happy to have this big shiny cutie~

And speaking of mini collections...

I think I've gotten all the Weavile line plush I want! :> Well, Sneasel only has or two, and they're pretty derp, but I felt I should get one anyway. I do love Sneasel, I wish it had more merch! Laying Weavile is cuuute. I wish I had the HUGE Weavile pokedoll, but..that won't be happening anytime soon. XD; My main focus for Weavile is kids and figures, which I haven't made any progress on since my last update, but hopefully will get some new additions soon.

Here's where most of my plushies are. And they're getting overcrowded! I'm desperately in need of shelves. D: I'm weird about overlapping plush..I like everyone to be seen, haha. And those shelves aren't the best for some, like the Eevees and Cherubi and Cherrim, all of whom love to fall over! Mostly Cherrim though, it's very annoying. :T Sadly there is no Jakks Zorua to join my foxies. I'm dying for one, but my Targets are being slow! At least I'm moving near two Targets in the next month, so that should make getting Jakks stuff easier. I hope.

Oh, and I got an Umbreon pokedoll from poizenkat's NW run a while back. :D He doesn't like to stand up.


This was a gift from my girlfriend. ♥ With it, I pretty much have all the currently released Tepig plush that I want at the moment. It's so cute! I call him Sleeping Bacon.


Someone else did this before me, but omg it works and is so cute! :D


And here we are REALLY overcrowded! Our moving date got pushed to May, but I'm hoping to get some proper shelves then for my new room. I've just run out of space with what I have!

This is also new. :3 From meowthcollector~ I love Osakabu, I hope I can get the plush someday. I'm still debating taking it out of the packaging, looks so nice!

And of course, I've gotten some new chinchilla things~

My babies~ new additions are the pokecen plush from blackfruitbat, the phone charm, pokedoll stickers( i put one on my DS :D;), kid, and lovely bead sprite made by kriscarmi! I adore the bead sprite, and it's made me want many more! I'm missing a few little things, and neeeed to get the chou get and zukan! I've about run out of space for plush here, so I may need to do some rearranging..

Grandechilla refuses to be left out! :P He and I are both very ready for summer~

And finally, a couple new figures and things:

Typhlosion chou get! *w* He, er..lost his peg.. I think he didn't appreciate it being jammed up his Typhlosion-hole..;;; At least he still stands fine!

Chikoritas. :3 Haven't been collecting her too heavily, but the bottle figure and chou get are new, and are both super cute. ♥

And finally, some cute stamps! Which I haven't stamped with yet, because I need ink. Munna, Audino, and Solosis. ♥ Munna's says "oyasumi" and Audino's says "konnichiwa".

Thanks for looking~ ♥
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