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Suicune Collection Video and Plush Sales :3!

 Hello again! As I was reorganizing my collection, I found the box with my Suicunes in it :D! I've been meaning to update my Buttribbons for a while but never got around to setting them up and making a post. So I decided to make a short video of them. Hope you enjoy! 

A special thanks goes to pheonixxfoxx because the majority of my collection was gotten with her help :3!  
Next is sales. I need to sell off a few of my plush to make room for my new collections. These are all plush form my personal Pokemon collection and it'll be hard to let go of a few of these items, but I figured that there are other collectors out there that will love them more then I could :3.
Sales Info:
I am located in the U.S.A and I ship ANYWHERE (even Checkosalvicghtejet-BA/D.C.)

I accept Paypal (direct payments, no e-checks) and concealed cash within the USA. However, concealed cash is at your own risk.

I live in a pet friendly home but my dog stays away from my collectables and merchandise.

I will only send an item once payment has been received and cleared. 

I generally ship within 2 weeks of your purchase date during the school year. Normally processing takes 2 to 3 days but I can get delayed.

I ship via First Class USPS Mail by default. If you would like insurance or a different shipping method, please state it and I'll give you a quote.

I try my best not to over charge shipping/fees. If I do, I will refund you the difference :3.

All sales are final and I am NOT responsible for packages that are lost, stolen or damaged in the mail system. Once they are out of my hands I cannot control what happens to them :(. 

No holds longer then 3 days unless I've done business with you in the past or you have no negative feedback pertaining to paying late/not paying at all.

Direct Sales:
Palkia DX Shimmery UFO plush MWT - $35 
Piplup Pillow Plush - $19 (Tag is attached but really wrinkled. Mint condition otherwise)
Butterfree Jakks Plush - $5 (No hang tag, tush tag is fine and plush is in excellent condition)
Crogunk Jakks Plush -$4 (No hang tag, came like that when I bought him)
Meowth ??? Plush - $3 
Tiny Piplup Plush - $2 

Hasbro Bulbasaur Plush 
These plush are not for sale yet. I am looking to see what the current value of these plush are. If anyone is interested in buying feel free to comment and I may consider your offer :). All the plush are MWT except the Talking Jakks Chimchar.   
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