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Nicholas "Nik" Brown

Auction tiem

Apologies to those of you who saw this post a moment ago, seems I made an error with my images. ^^;

Anywho... I'm putting a pair of real, working Pokétches up for auction, perfect for casual wear or cosplay! And hey, you can even bid on a cool bag to take them home in! XD

Pokétches! Lati Bag!

Here are a few things to bear in mind:

> Auctions will end at 12am BST (midnight) on Wednesday 13/04. Here's a handy countdown clock. ;)
> Standard sniping rules apply (i.e. none!), no-scope or not. :3
> Items are located in Blighty, and I can ship worldwide. :)

Now, the items in question:

(1) Diamond and Pearl Blue Pokétch



This is a male trainer model Pokétch from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. The screen on it is actually a touch screen! It comes complete in its box with all the leaflets and instructions (in Japanese, mind). In very good condition overall, the only think to bear in mind is a small crack on the lug which goes through the holes in the strap to hold it in place, but it's such a small strap anyway you'll probably need to get the strap changed in order to wear it. Apps on the Pokétch include a Snorlax Timer, Magikarp Coin Flip, Berry growing minigames, etc. There seem to be 11 apps in total. Needs batteries (1x CR2032 if I remember correctly).

(2) Platinum Blue Pokétch



Another male trainer Pokétch, only this one is from Pokémon Platinum. It doesn't have the same swanky touchscreen the DP Pokétch does, but the too halves slide apart to reveal the screen which is pretty natty. Again, boxed with all leaflets and instructions, this one is in very good condition condition. It features 12 apps this time round, such as a spinner, counter, adventure type minigame, etc. Also needs a battery (CR2032).

(3) Latios/Latias and Pikachu/Pichu Bros. Bag



A beautiful paper bag from around the time of the 5th movies release. It does have handles, I just forgot to unfold them out of the bag. :3

These things are pretty hard to come by, so bid away! Spend your monies! You know you want to! :3
Tags: auction, latias, latios, pichu, pikachu
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