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Some time reader, first time poster (Collection)

Hello fellow collectors, this is deft and I've been a fan of Pokémon since the RBY era, I've played pretty much every gen and other non-main games; I've also played the TCG, but I was not much of a collector though. I've had many Pokémon stuff over the years but not until recently I started to really collect stuff.

Anyways, I wanted to show off my pokémon stuff to you. I've been meaning to do this for a while but I always forgot or never had time to.
I was also kinda intimidated by other people's collections <_<...
They're BIG and pretty damn awesome! =O

It's not a big collection but I truly love it and it's absolutely cool.

Pokedoll team go!

Follow the cut for more pics and stuff from my collection. (They're kinda big pics too btw)

So let's start with the plushies!

This Piplup here was bought over a Swap Meet for like 3usd a few years ago, I think it also started the collection.

Pokémon Center Pokédoll Piplup, with it's tag still intact. =D

For a while it was just it (along with other video game plushies I currently have), though then came Vulpix!

It's the KFC/Applause Vulpix. I got this guy off eBay. It's curious though that I had already won and bought one there before, but it got lost in the mail... Luckily this one got home =)
Also noted that Vulpix/Ninetales is probably my favorite Poké of them all, my second favorite is...

Poliwhirl! Dunno why, but I like this guy a lot.
He may not be the toughest Pokémon, but he always makes me happy. =D
I got this guy off another LJ community (videogames4sale), it pretty much came right after Vulpix in my collection.

Next in line are Suicune and Lucario Pokédolls

I'm a Suicune fan and Lucario is just plain awesome, so I had to get them as soon as I saw them over a Pick'up Post here in the community (thanks to kawaiikes). I really the Suicune one, it looks pretty damn awesome. And originally, I was gonna get a Latias doll instead of the Lucario one, but it looked so adorable so I got it instead. =3

And continuing with the collection, my latest gets! Starly and Buizel!

Got these two over at a GA with hebilea (Thanks!). These two were in Platinum team in my first and only playthrough (with over 120 hours), I'm looking to see if I can get my whole Platinum team in the near future <_<

There's also Totodile (whom I got from ryunwoofie) and also turns into a Pokéball =O
And speaking of...

Hey look! More Pokéballs!
Along with Poliwrath and Lugia figurines!
I got the Pokéballs in a Secret Santa over at a board in GameFAQs (along with other stuff), they project an image of a pokémon too. As for the figurines, the Lugia came as a pre-order bonus for SoulSilver (as you already knew), but I can't recall how I got the Poliwrath one... it just appeared one day and I've had it since.

And as I said, I've played every generation of Pokémon. Sadly, I only have the DS games. But nonetheless here they are.

I was going to skip the 4th gen, but a lot of people I know were going to buy Platinum so I pretty much caved in to that. I'm glad I bought it, it was a pretty cool experience and probably the only Pokémon game I've invested so much time in. Not so much for SoulSilver, which I haven't actually finished yet <_< (I barely finished the Johto map). And after so much hype for Black (and the deals Amazon had for it), I also decided to get and it has been fun so far, I'm pretty much doing all the post-story stuff now.

Finally to finish off the collection...

I know it has been posted over and over again, but I REALLY love it.
The cover is just so classy and styling. Nintendo should really do more guides like this one. >_>

So, that's my Pokemon stuff collection. It will definitely grow in the near future (I'm currently debating on getting a Reshiram plush right now) and I will continue to follow this pretty great community, seriously since the first time I read it I got hooked! =D

Thanks for reading and watching! =)
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