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Advanced Generation Zukan GA

Hello community!

I bring you a GA of MIP zukans from the AG 6th series! Many of these are pretty hard to get, especially MIP!

Pretty small pictures, huh? To prevent you from squinting and burning your eyes out, here is a better picture of what is available (this pic did not come from the auction but it is what you should be expecting MIP)

I will be claiming Tropius for $46 and willing to go higher if need be. All bids will start at $6.

*All the auction rules from the community apply to this GA. No backing out, no deleting or retracting bids, and please pay on time as soon as the invoice comes in! Do not bid if you cannot afford it. If any of these rules are broken, I will be leaving negative feedback, regardless of the circumstances.
*Bid increments of $1. Anything less will not be allowed.
*No sniping! Any bids placed in the last 5 minutes of the auction will be extended another 5 minutes!

Bidding will end on Sunday, April 17th at 12:30 AM CDT (00:30 for those who may confuse AM with PM). A good time zone converter can be found here: (For CDT, choose America/Chicago)

*If we win, there will be two payments: the first will be for the items as well as the invoice (deputy fees) payment and the second will be for the shipment to my house and from my house to yours combined (I am really bad at explaining that and I hope you guys get what I am saying XD).
*I will be taking paypal only and no e-checks as I need the payment right away.
*I will be shipping the items from Texas.
*If we are very fortunate, there will be discounts.

It is over! No more bidding! :D And good news people! We won! Please wait for the invoice to come in and be prepared to pay as soon as I post your totals!
Tags: group auction, zukan
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