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Small/Quick Plush Sale!

This is a small Auction/Sales Post that will last until Friday 7:00 PM PST (4/15/2011) .


*Note: I made an edit since it came to my attention that Bids and Offers are normally treated differently...
I always intended these to be BIDS, you WILL receive your item at the end of the auction :) *

*granted sales permission on 02/03/11 by denkimouse*

~Paypal only (no e-checks)
~Everything is in USD, shipping is not included.
~All pkmncollectors rules apply
~Bid in $1 increments
~No Sniping (I will check time stamps)
~Payments due w/in 48hrs of my confirmation of your purchase.
~Payments to ashleyjanecooper(at)gmail(dot)com
~NO Holds (SORRY!)
~The only trades I am interested in are for my wants, found in my journal.
~All items are shipped from 92677 (California)
~All pictures are taken by me, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET!
~If you think something is priced too high, make me an offer.
~Backing out of a purchase or bid WILL result in negative feedback.
~My feedback thread is in my journal, if you would like me to leave you feedback, PM me w/the URL.


Banpresto "Kawaii Nuigurumi" Eevee (2005; Has Tush Tag; No Hang Tag, No Hang String)
This super cute Eevee is in wonderful condition and has a very soft poofy tail ^__^
Bids Start at $15

Banpresto "Kawaii Nuigurumi" Mewtwo (2005; Has Tush Tag; No Hang Tag, No Hang String)
Who can resist those big purple eyes?
Bids Start at $15

Pokemon Center "Pokemon Contest" Piplup (2008; Has Tush Tag; No Hang Tag)
This was one of a set of 4 top-hatted Pokes released at Pokemon Centers in Japan.
The hat is cute and silky and the tag features a pokemon ribbon.
Bids Start at $10


Pikachu "Touch Therapy Charm" stress ball. (MWT)
This Pikachu is silky to the touch and very stretchy/squishy like a stress ball.

Tiny Little Charmander plush. (No Tags)
This little guy is just over 2 inches tall and super cute.

Banpresto Manaphy. (2006; Has Tush Tag and Hang String; No Hang Tag)

For the status of your items and other sales by me please check my journal.

(so that I can ship on Monday)
Thank you!

Tags: charmander, eevee, mewtwo, piplup, sales
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