frugrow (frugrow) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Pokemon Plamo figures!

Images of the next Pokemon Plamo figures. This time featuring a *sigh* reissue of overdrive Zekrom and Reshiram, and a different posed Victini is included with each set.

I was planning to get the overdrive Zekrom and Reshiram so I will probably wait for these to come out. Does anyone think Reshiram looks off? I don't mean its appearance wise but the plastic they used to make it...It  looks pearly but in a cheap way..I don't know how to explain it. XD

These two go on sale late June in Japan.


Here is the original overdrive Reshiram and Zekrom Plamo figures..Doesn't Reshiram look a lot better here???
Tags: gen5, reshiram, zekrom

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