Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Delicious Zukan

 I have decided to take on a zukan group auction :3 the only zukan I've ever seen in person is my raichu line and shaymin so I'd really like to get the chance to fondle handle lots of zukan 

10 percent of the proceeds for this will go to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund
So even more of a reason to bid bid bid :3
Anyone participating in my other group auctions can most certainly ask to combine :D

I won't be claiming anything but I will most likely bid on something depending on how much  I have and how much its gone to
(I'm watching you mightyena,glameow,and butterfree line xD)
[info]pokepalace will be claiming the Professor Oak Zukan and the Kangaskhan with the baby out of the pouch for 20 and will be doing the spreadsheets

1.All community rules apply
2.This is a high priced auction please do not bid more then you can pay I will get extremely angry leave negative feedback and set my rabid pikachu's on you 
3.Any bids placed in the last five minutes of the auction extends it 15 minutes
4.Please bid in increments of 1.00
Bidding ends Tuesday April 19th at 7:00 am pst time
There will be two payments, the initial payment and the shipping from me to you
Info from the auction
"Dragonair's tail is missing its tip but Dragonite and Dratini are perfectly intact. Sharpedo has wear and tear (and may not be a zukan). Some figures have been repegged and some are not on their original base. "

CANCELED Someone did the buy it now option

Please be patient with me as I add these :3
I am doing them in order of their origin so kanto,johto,hoenn,and sinnoh
I won't be putting threads for the extra bases I'd like to wait till the stuff comes in
Please do poke me if I missed something <3
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