leafeon_420 (leafeon_420) wrote in pkmncollectors,

BN Espeon Zukan piece up for offers

Hey Dudes and Dudettes :)

So a grail of mine came today and the result has left me with an extra Espeon Zukan piece to put up for offers. I have decided to sell the Brand New Espeon because it will have less marks :) aaaaand because I love you guys so much :D xXx

The reason I am putting her up for offers rather than for a direct sale is because I want everyone to have a chance at getting her and also I may be open to a trade if it is for certain items from my wants list:

-Offers start from $15

-Increments of at least $1

-NO deleting comments,

-NO childish remarks or being a general prick to people who out bid you,

-NO backing out after making an offer, all offers are FINAL!

-ONLY offer what you are willing to pay (remembering P+P is not included)

-Comment only after the highest bid for your to count...

-Willing to do a trade for certain items on my wish list (please comment to enquire)

-Community sniping rules (bidding within last 5 minutes = 5 minute extension on loop. Inquire prior to the end date for clarification.

-I reserve the right to refrain from conducting business with anyone based on any factors at my discretion.

-Offers will end 20th April at 8pm GMT xXx
Tags: espeon, sales
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