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My Collection is Getting Crazie!! :D:

It's my cats' birthday today! :D As such I feel the need to make a collection update post :3

I've had to move my other fun bookshelf stuff just to make a Tetris-shaped pattern where my Pokemon collection will go! D:

Deoxys chess piece!  I think it's my favorite of all the chess pieces :) Little plastic Pikachu thing.  Not sure exactly what it is, I think they were sold in packs sort of like cards, and you would get a few random Pokemon in each pack.  Custom Silver charm!  Now N charm has a friend to discuss with about horrible fathers :D RS cup thing!  It is cute :3

Close-up of the cup (other side) and the Silver charm :D

Pachirisu and Buneary Canvas plush! :DDD They have a difficult time sitting up on their own--perhaps they are still babies? :0 <3

Pokemon Center bookmarks~ I'm so tempted to use them, but at the same time I don't want to risk getting them ruined! D: And cute stickers and mini stationary paper from terryrose!!  The stationary is actually from one of my I know what to expect from it ;D

When I bid on a certain eBay auction, it said it was for a clear file and a Center imagine my shock when I get not only two bags, but TWO CLEAR FILES! <333 These are my first clear files, and I love them soooooooooooo much!! <3


Among the various throw-in yummies from the clear file auction, I was given this Pokemon gummy pack!!  It expires in August...should them? D: I tried keeping nice-looking sweets in their wrappings, but after a few years...well they weren't so nice-looking any more :x

Thank you all for looking!! :D I'll leave you all with one final picture of the manliest/sexiest Reshiram in the world.

Tags: buneary, cinccino, deoxys, minccino, pachirisu, pikachu, reshiram, zoroark, zorua
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