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Collection Update, Sales questions, Wants (offer to me I love spending lol)

Hey guys. I haven't posted an update because I am waiting for tons of stuff I bought but I haven't received a lot of this. How long should I wait to get my stuff from sellers before I get worried?

So my collection has gotten much smaller because I sold most of it to buy new stuff. But here is what I have received lately!  (Yay for upside down pictures!

I am currently still waiting for...
Shiny gyarados DX Charizard DX Venusaur Jolteon Canvas UFO Dragonite UFO Celebi Minky Celebi Pokedoll Drifloon Canvas, Blitzle Pokedoll Various Black and White Pokemon and tons of others...

My Dragonite pillow plush went to go live with my friend shy (grr). For those of you who wanted to try and tempt me into selling my extra Vappy canvas he soldfor 200 cash. Turns out I had a pokemon collector in my neighborhood. They said they used to be a member of the community but wouldn't tell me why they aren't. Maybe they are a crazy ga payment stealer or something! Or a serial killer! Or they torture pokemon plush! eeeeeppp.

Click the cut to see my Kanto and Canvas collections.

I dont know why Glaceon and Leafeon are in there. They are annoying and dont fit anywhere



-Pokedolls at 15$

-Canvas collection additions: Dragonite, Chikorita, Plusle, Minun, Cherrubi, Chimchar, Lapras, Riolu, Pichu, Starly, Buizel.

- UFO Charizard, Charizard Pokedoll

-Charmanders, Bulbasaurs, Squirtles, and their evolutions

-UFO Kanto Pokemon

-Macikarp Pokedoll

-Espeon and Vaporeon Pokedolls

-DX Blastoise !!!


*If any seller is still loking for money from me please contact me! I think I paid everyone!

*If you have shipped to me and don't see it in the collection please contact me. 

*I fyou need feedback from me replay here and I will gladly give it if I have received your items!
Thanks for reading :)




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