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◎ BELL PLUSH AUCTIONS ◎ out like a lamb

Long time, no post! I've been having a stressful few months so my productivity has sunken significantly, but because I need money I've come running back! This is going to be a smaller auction than usual; I have two premade bell plushies and I'm opening up one custom slot, and other than that I've got a big lot of traditional art I've done up for straight sale.

Also, for anyone wondering about what I'm planning for future auctions in the next few months, I have a whole list of plans that I'm sharing! :D

Made of crushed panne and felt with acrylic paint details and measures roughly 3" high (not including head tuft). Starts @ $20

Made of crushed panne and painted stiff felt and measures roughly 3.5" high. Starts @ $20


A few guidelines~
✖ I will use crushed panne fabric for the base body if available but will otherwise use felt. Limbs, ears, etc will be made of felt or stiff felt and smaller details will be painted. Yellow Pokemon will have to be made of felt for the time being as I have a very low quantity of yellow panne and at the moment cannot locate any more in stock in stores around me.
✖ If high-resolution Sugimori or Dream World artwork isn't available for a gen 5 Pokemon, I reserve the right to take artistic license if certain features in the sprites are vague.
✖ I will only ever make one of each Pokemon (the only exceptions being differing formes and dramatic gender differences) and they will be first come, first served based on who sends payment first so please have one or two backup options when you bid. I also reserve the right to make a shiny/non-shiny version of the same Pokemon for a future auction if I choose to, but I never recycle patterns for other plushies so it wouldn't be a 100% exact copy either.

I will make any Pokemon not crossed out in the picture below! (linked because it's too big to embed!)

If a Pokemon has a red X over it, I will not make it for this auction for various reasons including I've already made it, I have plans to make it (either for myself or a friend or a future auction), or it's too complex for me to want to make it right now.

I will be opening one slot starting @ $30!


✖ Auctions end on Saturday, April 16 at 6:00 PM CST (refer to this site if you need help with time conversion). A ten minute extension will be given if any bids are placed on a given thread within ten minutes of the auction's end to prevent sniping, and extensions will continue until bidding has ceased entirely.
✖ Payment is due upfront at the end of the auction. Please allow me one month to complete your commission.
✖ I ship from the US, therefore all prices are in USD. Please note that I have very limited transportation at the moment so packages may take at least a week for me to send, especially to international destinations.
✖ Paypal only! Shipping for a bell plush in a small box will be $3.00 to the USA and Canada and $4.00 to anywhere else, and an additional handling fee will be incurred depending on the total price. Please be prepared to pay within 24 hours of the end of the auction.
✖ I live in a smoke-free, pet-friendly home. I gently (so as to not harm the felt) use a lint roller to ensure that too much dander isn't present on the plush when I pack it, but traces the roller didn't pick up may still be present.
✖ I have the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have a reputation for flaking out on purchases as based on the community's negative feedback post. I will not tolerate bids withdrawn without my approval and will leave negative feedback if I catch anybody deleting their bids (without my approval) or flaking on payment!
✖ No trades/partial trades unless it's for something marked as HIGH priority on my wants list.
✖ Please bid in increments of at least $1 in the specified threads.

If you're curious about my auctions for the near future, I've put together a graphic of all of my plans for the next few months!

All of these are subject to change (especially June, which I'm still undecided on). Pokemon under "random" are ones I intend to make for auction one day, but I don't have a set theme to stick them into yet. Some may appear alongside already planned auctions~

In addition to the above, I'm selling this lot of art I've drawn that I just want to get rid of! I'm offering all of the below for $15 shipped to the USA (or $16.50 to anywhere outside of the US); considering the amount of materials and time put in to these, my loss is your gain!

For clear pictures of everything in the lot:

I'll leave with a sales post plug, including some unopened Jakks merch~

I hope that's everything. XD Please do not comment until I strike out this sentence!
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