The Sea's Great Guardian (rika_wulf) wrote in pkmncollectors,
The Sea's Great Guardian

Lugia Hunt

Ok I'm going to be coming into some spending money in the near future and I'm on a hunt for Lugia stuff as usual.

Since it's easier to list what I have, since it's still a small collection, i'll do that. SOOOOO

Some of the things I currently have are:
Banpresto lugia shiny plush
Banpresto lugia
Bandia lugia Friend
(don't have a link to that one)
2009 pokemon center pokedoll
Jakks Lugia
Lugia attack kid
2 small lugias on a blue and red stand
a clear lugia figure
lugia HG/SS figure
and a couple things I won in an auction i haven't gotten yet. (so I don't really remember off the top of my head what they are)

I'm looking for whatever is NOT listed here. XD
Especially plush or dex charm lugias

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