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collection and sales!

I got some nifty things in the mail :D Still waiting on one last package, but for now -
Oooh wow. I've apparently been a member here for three years as of February, goodness! I dug up my first post (augh, newbie shame) which included my 'pix collection at the time -


Aaaand here it is now! Such a lovely wall of orange. *u*

A few new gets! This is a nifty pop-out standee card .. thing. It's terribly cute! I have a second not-popped-out Vulpix card in my sales, along with Ninetales and Raichu!
(The figure next to that is a fantastic/frightening bootleg. Also glorious.)

I also recently got the purple-based dome figure here! I'm only missing the yellow-base one now, I think C:

A few detail shots! Customs/flats/non-figure things go on this side. (That KFC Vulpix all the way in the back? My very first piece of Pokemon merchandise from 1998! I actually got that before I had any idea what Pokemon was..)

Middle shelf! I love those Pokemon Time tins C:

And the other side! Kids, plush, keychains, tiny things hidden in plastic boxes xD

I realized the other day that I never did make a 'grail get!!' post when I got my big cool ultimate grail about .. a year and a half ago. Sure I post him all the time, but he deserves respect! Sooo, year-and-a-half-late grail get! :D

Meet Bigpix! He is big and lovely and perfect and my favorite.

He's made by Tomy, and I think 95% of Tomy plush are fantastic and high quality. Look how well his face is sculpted! Gorgeous *u*

Obligatory buttshot for tails XD

Custom time! This guy isn't new either, but I couldn't not add him in! This is His Highness and he is shiny and lovely and thinks he is king of my collection.

His nose is kind of long and his body's a bit short, but I am in love with his hair and ears and eyes *u*

I think that's it for Vulpixes.. Moving on to some of my new loves!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy so excited to put this together..!!

.. oh god what have i gotten myself into

I made it, though!! :D .. except it turns out, teeny tiny stickers are really really annoying to apply. I am awful at their placement and they stick up and look bad aww. If I had any painting skill I'd be tempted to paint the markings/eyes in instead xD

I really love Serperior. He is judging you as we speak.

Aaaand here is why this is the coolest figure.

Finally got my clipping figure GA in! These are all the claimed ones - ahh Oshawott and Snivy are adorable! (To the owners of these - I'll be commenting with shipping costs and such in a bit!)

And the extras! All of these are available in my sales post c:

And finally, my BABY from the clipping figure GA -

Aaaa *u*

Aaaaaa so perfect! Denchura/Galvantula's probably one of my favorite B/W Pokemon, along with Emonga <3

.. I dunno, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

And in conclusion, this is what happens to my shelves when I push everything to one side so I can get decent pictures. DISASTER ZONE. I will inevitably set everything up again only to knock it all over a week later to take more pictures XD

That's it! Thanks for reading :D

Aaand shameless sales plug! I've added several figures and such, and put a Houndoom zukan and Spheal plush up for tentative offers. Check it out, buy my stuff, etc etc etc. Thank you! C:
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