Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

some stuffs

i have got some new things! first of all, better photos of those new straps, which actually included vanillite in the set! who knew? i also have some of the not for sale promo overdrive MC zekrom and reshiram tomys! i also got my hands on some more blind zuruggu charms. check them out:

now....for things i have got from the comm lately! :D

hurray! all the rotom keshipoke from ruenis! i only ever had cut before, and didn't think i'd have room for them all since i thought they might get tomy figures. they...didn't!! here's all of them! :D

adorable ADORABLE stunfisk bell plush by hibikitikibi!!!! the ultimate troll pokemon.

i just love these fishies! did you know stunfisk was originally going to be electric/water and blue, but then sugimori realized they already did that? yeah, you did!!

look what was inside with him... so adorable... ;_; according to the anime, emonga loves apples about as much as shinigami do... (i just saw this anime... out of boredom... i know, i'm really slow).

so i've had this "large size" custom garchomp pokedoll for two years now. when i went to re-do his photographs...

i realized he is the exact same size as my OTHER favourite dragon's pokedoll!! what super cuties! ;_;

too much stuff to update with to keep track of. that's good enough for now. thanks guys!
Tags: emolga, rotom, stunfisk

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