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~ Candle Collection Update to the extreme! ~

Sooo as promised I do have a Candle collection update. I have recently gotten so much stuff that... erm... well... They needed to trade spots with other collections. I had a very tall set of shelves that had multiple collections on it, but has now been candelified. 8C








The before came from my VERY first candle collection show off here! And that was in November. 8C I have been busy at work making sure my room had a healthy violet theme with these guys!

As you can see,  I have a lot of these guys. A HUGE part of them is customs, but there's quite a bit of official merch to help balance it. ;3 I have had quite a bit of help making this collection grow thanks to a dear friend of mine, tamago226 who always informed me when there was a candle on something! She's so sweet - she even got me those rare clear files that weren't sold in stores gdh;ldfhg;lqer;. ;u;

So here's the shelves broken down into each one - I normally have a collection post describing each item and how I freaking love them but most of them have been talked about before and if you missed them or want more information you can see them at my collection website here:

Of course that... hasn't been updated since last time! Should you want to know any specifics, just let me know! ;A;

The top shelf is where all my plushies hang out! Or at least, the Litwicks do. Pearl and Lapis - the shiny and normal colored pokedolls in the center - lead the pack. ;3


Next shelf down is the Litwick shelf! This is where all the normal Litwicks chill in my collection! The edges is where the official merch resides, and most of it is the carnival themed clear files, notebook, erases, and more! In the middle is where most of the customs rest, and in the corner is where the 20 little candles used for a birthday cake for me are. C':




The next shelf down is between Lampent and Shiny Litwick. They share because Lampent has so little merch and I probably the least loved by me in his line. ;u; I still adore him though! In the game I actually was surprised that I fell harder for Litwick and Chandelure then him. D: I'm still on the quest for a shiny Liwick! The only item on here not part of these two collections is a charm by the super sweet taycs who made a charm specially for me to match the birthday cake my friends made for me. C': It needed it's own special place in the heart of my collection along with the birthday gift of of the shiny Litwick line made for me by foureyedalien !


The final shelf belongs to one of my strongest team members in my White game, Chandelure! :'DDD I would dare rate him as my absolute favorite final evo of the gen~ I am really hoping to get more merch of this one and shiny Litwick! I really need some plush of him in my life but it's a little hard since most are intimidated by his body~ I would have to say that playing the game made me like this one even more. C': Most of the shelf is customs with a single official item. Keep your fingers crossed for more! ;A;


Thanks for checking it out! ;A; I'm always on the hunt for more Litwick line items, so give me a heads up if you've got some, gonna make some, or seen some. ;3


Tags: chandelure, collection, custom, lampent, litwick
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