Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

Mini collection update and questions... Also customs!

I only have a very small collection because I moved house to live on my own this year and my old toys etc. are all boxed up back where I came from. But through this comm and eBay I've been rekindling my love for cute Pokemon. :) I've even start making plush for fun.

Anyway, pics. And I was wondering if anyone could tell me a bit more about the things I've picked up?

My main "shelf" (top of my drawers. Ignore Funny Bunny and the Nintendogs...
You can see my little Zangoose plushes and Arcanines (of questionable success) hiding, Now there's a sense of scale!
Anyone know what the buneary hanging up is likely to be? She has tiny cute little feet. :3

Kids! I'd never come across kids before I joined here. At first I wasn't sold but I love love love them now that I've got some and seen them up close!
I must collect more when I can! I'd love to get all 151 but I realise that will be expensive and hard. I have a job lot of chewed ones arriving soon, and snagged a few GA ones from this comm . :)
I don't actually like Roserade or Purple Pizza Ghost very much, but they came essentially free with Riolu. Roserade is growing on me.

Charms! My other big passion. No idea how to display them nicely though.
Here you can also see terrycloth Mew who I know nothing about. Any ideas what he is? I remember he came with a tag with him on it... But I can't think what I did with it.

These rubber keyrings are quite special to me even though I don't like plant Pokemon. Years ago when I traveled to Venice with my parents, one of the stores there sold Pokemon chocolate cake bars. Each cake had a white chocolate medallion of a Pokemon embedded in the top of it, and they were really nice. If you bought a multi pack you got one surprise keychain inside! I only got to try them once a year, so they were very special. Anyone else remember those?
Kinda disappointing when I got freaking Sunflora the first time. Meh.

Little Arcanine Pokemon Puff and Derp Dittogoose.

Chous. I think the Rotom is cool, but I'm trying to get the Riolu form the machine they're inside. One day!

And guess what I'm making!
Tags: arcanine, buneary, custom, mew, plush, zangoose
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