Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

MORE revamped rules and fun stuff.

First of all GO CHECK OUT THE REVAMPED NEGATIVE FEEDBACK LAYOUT!! It should answer most questions about how and when to leave negatives, and the consequences. It should make things easier to read, easier to check who has negatives and why, and just...easier.

Some things pertaining to questions already asked about the new page:

OLD NEGATIVE FEEDBACKS: They are screened for now, to reduce clutter, and because they are a MESS! You should still be able to see any feedbacks you left -- what I'd PREFER is for everyone who believes their feedback is still up to date and relevant to re-submit it using the NEW C/P FORM -- I want to eventually rid that post of all the old, badly organized feedbacks.

POSITIVE FEEDBACKS: There was a lot of discussion about the flaws of the "5/5" rating system, since all anyone ever leaves is 5/5 or negative. So right now most feedbacks earned are simply "good" or "bad". There was also the issue that someone could just delete any bad feedbacks if they are hosted on their own LJ. The solution to that is that we expect ALL negatives to be put on the negative feedback post. We will be monitoring them closely as well and unscreening them once approved.

SALES PERMISSION BANS: These are still currently pending and the system is being worked out, all of them have been contacted and are invited to discuss their situation with me. I'm not that heartless :)

And these are some other issues that popped up frequently in the comments of the last post, and I have clarified them on the RULES PAGE, but for now here's some explanations:

BOOTLEGS: You can sell bootlegged items here, but they must be CLEARLY as so. Since they were already purchased the money will not be going to the bootleggers, which is the purpose of the "no links to bootleg items/sellers" rule.

MIDDLEMANNING: As the rule says, it ONLY applies to Japanese items/Yahoo!Japan, as there are 1) dozens of deputy services one can sign up with to bid there, and 2) there are various fees and added charges involved that should be your own responsibility for your own items and/or 3) there are dozens of sellers at any given time with listings for almost all current Japan-only items. Middleman requests for items in other countries are okay.

If you have a valid excuse to not be able to sign up for a deputy, it's best to find a friend in private where there is mutual trust who will middle for you.

NON-POKEMON ITEMS FOR SALE: You can of COURSE link to your "non-pokemon" sales posts if you host your sales post on your own LJ. If there's some sort of non-pokemon item in a lot that is being GA'ed, this is obviously and unavoidable exception!

Hopefully that clears some stuff up... in the meantime, check out the pics of the new Takara Tomy Blitzle and Cubchoo, coming out in late May!
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