Jean (jeansama) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Super Shiny Kids GA - Payment #2

First off, so sorry this has taken so long!

Have you ever wanted to see a rainbow of shiny kids...? Well, wonder no more!

Aren't they gorgeous? *___* I tried my best to sort them by colour, haha. All of them are indeed very minty-fresh, and I put them back into their little bags after having fun lining them up.

And here are the stars of the show! You can blame this GA even happening on me and dukeburger wanting these guys so bad.

Sooooo with that out of the way, payments! I insured the package for it's worth, because it is worth a looot of money.

Please send payments to tweekyjean @ and put Super Shiny Kids GA Payment #2 in the subject, and if you buy anything below, please tell me what in the memo.

BUT WAIT!!! I have some little sales you can add to your total if you want. These sales are for GA members only right now, but leftovers will be put up eventually. Also, I'll only be selling these here for a couple days, because I need to get this package out as soon as possible.

Pan stickers! $3 each, except for Torchic, who is $2.

TAKEN: Torchic, Musharna, Munna

Also $2.

Next off is these little stickers! These are mine for example. They're pre-cut and about the size of a quarter, so they're great for collections because you don't have to cut them out of a sheet or anything!

Everything here is $.50.

TAKEN: 1x Tepig, Emolga, 1x Mamepato, 1x Axew, Drilbur, Minccino, 2x Galvantula, 1x Zekrom, 1x Munna, 1x Musharna

Darmanitan, Cofagrigus, and Swanna are $.50, the rest are $.30. dukeburger, the other Cofragigus is for you <333

Lapras, Riolu, and Eevee are $3, the rest are $2.

TAKEN: Gible, Chansey, Happiny, Monferno.
Tags: group auction
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