Leludallas (akeyma) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Auction reminder and some poke-pancakes!

First! This auction ends tonight at 7:00pm pst! So get your bids in and please keep in mind payments are due by Sunday! (click the pic!)


This arrived a while back and I absolutely love it!! It ended up costing something silly like $50 after fees and shipping but oh well!

I tried making chocolate in them, but it didn't work out... Probably because I used microwaveable dipping chocolate lol

I'll try real molding chocolate when I find some! But so far pancake mix works the best!

These were my first try... They didn't look too clean but with jam or nutella they were Delicious!!!

If I manage to get better results I'll take more pics but they really are fun!! I may buy a stove iron one too, they seem to make nicer, browner cakes.

And does anyone know a real recipe for Takoyaki? I'd like to try it!

Thanks for looking!

Tags: eevee, mewtwo, piplup, sales
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