jazzbie (jazzbie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Tcg storage and binders

Well I know the interest in the Pokemon trading cards here is a bit limited, so I thought i'd do a post on tcg merch like binders, tins, and how I store cards! :D

Here's a main collection shot. I store any card sets not making it into my binders in the tubs above or white card sorters. I made special sleeves for my jumbo cards. ;D

The binders:

The little container on the side is perfect for my tcg coins! I have around 80 in total and my goal is to collect 100 of them:

I also started a wrapper collection. I thought I was really weird but apparently others here do this too. XD

Now for tins~ Tins are my little obsession and super useful for storing Tomy figures/energy cards/wrappers/whatever else that fits.

They store neatly into a tub that slides under my bed:

And that's it! Thanks for looking! >w<
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