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Sandile Wanted Post~! Plus Leftover Sales and Other Random Stuff


How could these guys not be friends? Seriously its meant to be...

Anyway... unfortunately I was completely broke when Black and White came out in Japan so I missed on a ton of things D:

Soooooooooooo, I was wondering does anyone have any of these things? (FYI, I probably can't afford ALL OF THESE THINGS all at once swoop so, yea please keep that in mind.)


Sandile Kid (I found it on ebay for about $6.00 shipped but now can't find anywhere D: not sure if it was sold, or taken off or what)

Sandile Keshipoke

Sandile Chupa

Sandile Mascot

Sandile Japanese Pokemon Center (Really only looking for the Japanese one, sorry!) - I don't think I can afford this right now...butttt just in case someone happens to have it for relatively cheap (or if I don't find any of the stuff above) it will defiantly be my next purchase though!

+ TONS more Sandile stuff I am surely missing (including Non-English TCG Cards!), I would definitely be interested in!

Now they only need to start making some Tirtouga and Caracosta merch and my life will be complete >_>.
And finally! Leftover Sales! Located here: plenty of cards, figures, plush and a few things for offer still!

Everything paid was shipped out and should be arriving soon.

Thats everything, guys! Thanks for everything!
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