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Collection Post!

[And one question: If one has more than 20 feedbacks on their LJ from selling/buying, do 10 of them have to be from PKMNco members before trading is allowed?] Answered, thanks!

I finally got around to taking pictures of my collection, starting with Pokémon!

A lot of the figures are currently stored in plastic bins, so that's why the same shelf top appears in several of the pictures. (Oh, and if anyone cares, the foot on the left of a few of the pictures belongs to my American Girl doll Samantha.)
Also, non-Pokémon items are shown, but that's because they are displayed and I didn't want to move them around.

If you're curious, clickie the cut below (image heavy)

So, to start off, the two pictures I shared earlier in my intro post:

I found my Crystal! (see pic further down)

Kids!! So cute!


Misc. goodies (I don't celebrate Christmas, but those ornaments were just too cute to pass up. ^^)

The shelf is actually high up, I stood on the couch to get the pic.
Eevee, Mew and Pikachu on the telephone! (still organizing this shelf)

How many Pokémon can you find? Hee hee.

How many Pokémon can you find? Part II (The empty space next to TMM's Zakuro now has Ichigo there. I just opened her today.)

Here's the missing Crystal! And the Theme Deck I bought, apparently on the day of its release. I had no clue it was coming out, and I was at Chinatown that day... My younger brother got Snivy's and my even younger brother got Tepig.
Pikachu walker needs new battery...

Books! No explanation really needed.

The Great Binder of Pokémon Cards!
I'm not going to pictures of every single card, but this gives an idea of how many I have due to the thickness.

Movies! And some Battle Coins and "pogs" that snuck in.
I really want to get Manaphy & Shaymin's movies.

The only Pokémon poster up in my apartment. (Basically because it's the only one I own that I have with me.)

I got this cute little guy at Chinatown, in a box of obvious bootleg figures. He's completely white (it's not just the flash) and I bought him with the plan to paint him silver/gray where needed. After I do it, I'll post my success (or possible failure??)

The Guardians of Minas Tirith!!
Let me explain. My mom gave me a 3D puzzle of TLOTR's Minas Tirith, warning me her friend couldn't finish it. Approx. six hours in total, I had it done. For now, it's sitting on the top shelf of a bookcase so one of my cats doesn't play with it, and these two Pachi's stand in/on the courtyard by the symbolic tree. I would have taken a picture including the citadel, but there's stuff piled around it. Maybe I'll do a poké story featuring it...
Pic of Completed Citadel here (before I moved it)

And lastly, the two newest arrivals to my gang of Poké Plushies! Emmy and Chilly wanted Patamon in the pic too. ^^

Not shown because I either forgot to take a picture, or it was bought recently.
~Oshawott Collector's Tin with super cute figure (on display now)
~A 60 piece Pokémon puzzle from over 10 years ago, because some pieces are missing.
~The trading cards I'm using in my battle decks.
~VHS's (2, 3 episodes each)
~Pokémon Master Trainer Board Game
~Pokémon Master Trainer Board Game (Red Box)
~Pokémon Master Trainer Board Game (Orange Box)

Things I had before I moved out and left behind. As far as I know, they are still in the boxes I put them in. Next year, I'm going down to my mom's to go through all these boxes.
~Brock figure (that goes with Vulpix seen above)
~James figure with Koffing
~Pikachu on Ash's head poster
~First 150 Pokémon poster (with a completely pink Meowth)
~Pokémon 151 poster with Ash and Pikachu in the corner
~Pokémon Monopoly Board Game (I took my Batman & Robin Monopoly with me when I moved, and left this one behind since I didn't need two. No clue if it's all together now or not.)
~And more. I bought a lot of stuff in the late 90's/early 00's.

So, that's about it. Now to tackle my other collections!
See 'ya!
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