larvitarscar (larvitarscar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pikachu Plush GA Reminder!

hi guys! this is a reminder that the Pikachu Plush GA that cuddlefist and myself are organising will be ending in about an hour's time. (Countdown timer here)

some new information that has come up since the original GA post - these are apparently very rare, some going for up to $60-70 per individual piece, and very seldom appearing on Y!J. right now we are still behind the current winning bid by $150 dollars. I know it's a daunting task, but if we combine our resources I'm sure we can have a fair stab at it! for those who love the various adorable Pikachus, this may be your last opportunity to win any of them, as they rarely even turn up on Y!J. (I will be upping my bid obviously! that Spheal Ball is all sorts of amazing.)

(go to the auction link here!)

thanks for reading!

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