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This is just a friendly reminder about the auction I have going for the Ampharos & Galvantula custom sculptures!

Auction ends today April 17th at 2:00 pm EST!


Don't miss this chance to own a OOAK statue by me, pheonixxfoxx!

Here is the auction link:

Custom Ampharos & Galvantula Auction!

I have also been debating if I am going to be auctioning off any more custom sculptures in the future. Honestly, making pieces to sell has kind of taken the fun out of sculpting for me! So, this maybe your last chance to own a custom piece by me!!

While I am at it, I might as well post a reminder of the items I have up for offers over at purrspkmnpalace!

Click the picture above or the link below to be transported to Purr's Auction/Offer House!

The Auction/Offer Block!

Here is how the offers look so far:

Custom Suicune Statue - None!
Sealed Giratina Origin Form DS Case - None!
Rare Japanese Absol Rubber Stamp - $5 - allinia
Japanese Raikou PokeDoll - $20 - al_ecko
Japanese Entei PokeDoll - $15 - miyazakipig
American Mewtwo Strikes Back Movie Artbook - None!
Japanese Revelation Lugia Movie Artbook - None!
American Minun PokeDoll - $15 - marigoldkisses
American Plusle PokeDoll - $15 - marigoldkisses
Japanese Minun PokeDoll - $18 - minjei

The Plusle & Minun PokeDolls are at great offers and if no one else makes an offer between now and later tomorrow afternoon, I will accept the current offers!

As for the Japanese Entei and Raikou PokeDolls, I will consider their current offers, but if they don't go a little higher I probably will not let them go! Again, I am a bit attached to Root Beer and Vodka...

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