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general updates, ga updates and sales

hey guys :) first of all, this GA:

unfortunately, my co-host had a lot of life issues going on this week (and I too wasnt exactly rosy) so unfortunately we completely forgot about this till later today, when it had ended :C many apologies guys, me and captainangel are both very sad we missed it :C

secondly, i've been a bit behind on a few things I owe people, however everything is packed and ready to go for monday! Im so sorry guys, life was really hectic and rough these past two weeks, but things have started to get better <3 and I'm taking advantage of that! If you have any queries please message me :) I am also PMing people now!

The pokedoll GA: I have now PM'd people who havent given me their preferance. Sorry about not having these shipping quotes yet for you guys :C If youre in a real rush for your items and youve told me how you want your items shipped, let me know and I'll give you your shipping quote <3

thirdly, my sis really needs a hand in the money department and I really wanna help her out...so here are some small-ish sales for ya <3 

includes these very rare TCG booster packs and zukans!


I live in the UK and ship anywhere
I have to wait for paypal funds to come out of my account before I can ship, so shipping may be a bit slow.
I'm happy to trade for anything on my wants here: http://fizzycat.livejournal.com/8155.html and here: http://thetroublewithgibles.weebly.com/wanted-list.html (please note the raichu section on the second list is incomplete! feel free to offer me things)
I'm happy to haggle apart from on the TCG boosters!
paypal only
no holds unless youre holding for another member, in case they need the item

with that said and done...

VERY rare TCG blister packs! selling these for my sis. features 3 out of print boosters: unseen forces, ex deoxys and delta species. also comes with either a sceptile or swampert holo and a coin. she have quite a few of these and wants $15 each for them!

arceus preorder fig: $5
infernape line zukan: $12
snorlax zukan: $8

hippowdon and abomasnow lines: $7 each

typhlosion line: $12 each
meganium line: $8 each

entei zukan: $6 each

suicune zukan: $8

raikou zukan: $6 each


Celebi zukan: $6

manaphy zukan; $5

Staraptor sealed: $12
staraptor unsealed: $10

torterra line zukan: $10 each

croagunk line zukan: $5 each

bibarel line zukan: $3 each

mismagius line: $5 each

rotom/frost rotom : $3

giratina origin forme: $10

pokemon B/W storage box: $6
metal dog tags in this pic: $3 each apart from dratini, who is $2
dog tags in this pic $1 each apart from dragonair, who is $2
1:1 meowth plush! throw me an offer? bear in mind shipping will be expensive
and seeing if anyone was interested in TCG singles? just tell me what pokemon/cards youre interested in and I'll look through my folders for you! I have tons and tons of cards, and yes, I will trade TCG! If you dont have anything on my list let me know what you do have and we can work out something <3
just some pics of my folders to give you an idea...I also have boxes full of cards!
thats all for the sales for now guys <3

 though, I was wondering if anyone could tell me the value of these?
I don't plan on selling them anytime soon (if ever) but they are pokemon center exclusive TCG ring binders :) complete with official pokemon card game sleeves. Anyone know? (and arent they just gorgeous!)
and finally, a collection update preview...specifically TCG!
FINALLY got all the eevee star cards <3 Thank you for jolteon godudette ! <3333
I have many more star cards than this too, cant wait to show you guys! :D Thanks for reading <33
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