Nicholas "Nik" Brown (soulsilver_iv) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Nicholas "Nik" Brown

Alright, stop! GB time! WTB!

Evening all!

I'm in the mood for a group buy, so today I present to you these two lots: Pokedoll stickers and DX Kids!

Okay, here are a few rules before we begin:

> There will be two payments for these GBs - one for the item and shipping from the seller to me, and one for shipping from me to you.
> I require your first payment within 48 hours of me purchasing the items! If you miss this slot I may pass on your claim to the next person who expressed an interest!
> I am located in the UK (import charges are hence a risk), and am happy to ship worldwide.
> Pokedoll sticker sheets will be $6.87 a sheet, and DX Kids will be $9.58 each. All are new and sealed.
> Payment via PayPal only please. :)

Current claims:
> Reshiram - corn_dog_solo PAID!
> Zekrom - darkangellilith PAID!
> Snivy - soulsilver_iv PAID!
> Tepig - miss_fuu_chan
> Oshawott -
> Munna -
> Minccino - miss_fuu_chan
> Axew - denouement00 PAID!
> Serperior - darkangellilith PAID!
> Emboar - little_ledyba PAID!
> Samurott -

Current claims:
> Serperior - soulsilver_iv PAID!
> Emboar - little_ledyba PAID!
> Samurott - origamigryphon PAID!
> Zekrom -
> Reshiram - whitecygnet
> Haxorus - riolulz PAID!
> Excadrill - riolulz PAID!

Also, I think I may wish to start dabbling into Jalorda/Serperior merch as a side collection to my Smugleaf collection. I've always wanted this particular figure:

Image belongs to ridi (I can remove this image if you want me to! ^^;)

I'd like this figure in new/mint condition with the tag, please. Hit me with a price! :D Got one, thank you! :D
Tags: axew, emboar, excadrill, minccino, oshawott, reshiram, samurott, serperior, snivy, tepig, zekrom
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