【Sophie】 (alchemic_candy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

First time post over here! *0*

● Hey everyone :D ● I'm Sophie; I'm 16 and I live in the UK ● As the story goes for many members around here, I was a bit of a lurker for a while before I decided to join~ In terms of Pokemon, the only one I actively collect is Umbreon - but I love just about all the 2nd generation, especially Ampharos, the Tyranitar line, and Houndoom. Absol and Mightyena are also two favourites. OH! - and Raichu! >w<; <3 ● Aside from specific Pokemon, UFO plush are another love of mine ^0^ I'd really like to get more of them, and in a way to me some of them seem like little pieces of Pokemon history...right! Before I continue going on about random rubbish I'll ask my questions and show y'all some pictures :3 ●

I'll not show all my stuff, just some for nows ^^;

That's the shelf where most of the misc. stuff is displayed. Bootlegged princess Sakura :C

Patas and Pikas go well together. Raikou is only there for want of a better place, he deserves a more regal hangout =_=U Wait...what are those yellow feet dangling down...?


- It's another of my adopted, unwanted Pikachus; doesn't take a genius to work out he's a fake, does it...and no tail, poor thing ; ^ ; He's huuuuuge~

I got this little Larvitar in the mail today! From ebay, he was really quite cheap :O I love him to bits and I've been looking for one of these in, like, forever <3 Have to make sure my boyfriend doesn't steal him though X3

Lastly, some art :D The one of the trainer (me!) and her Umbreon was a birthday present, and the other two were commissioned from epic friends on deviantArt! (The traditional one was from Manicluver and the digital from Himekitten Both are still open for commission, I think~)

Quick questions :3 Anybody know if the online stores Tamarket (Australia) and
(Singapore) are reliable to buy from? Thank you, I'll finish up now <3 See you all again soon! :D

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