forest_snivy (forest_snivy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Grail Gets! Stickers! Another Secret Box!!

I MUST find out what's inside that secret box!!

Before I get to the secret...some other gets of the week!~

Stickers!! :D Thank you hebitheivan!~

Dratini figure I found, cute Metagross Kid, Kirlia and Gardevoir Mega Bloks, and the Buneary line zukan! <3

Finally found the 10th Anniversary tour booklet~ I think I have another one hiding somewhere o.o This one doesn't have the Pokemon logo sticker because it's on my laptop xD The book is about why Pokemon was so "explosive" when it was first made, and why it lost a good chunk of its popularity down the line.  It's pretty interesting.  I learned that children can apparently recognize yellow characters from far distances, which is why Pikachu is a good marketing mascot o.o

Yankees shirt, Chikorita coin, and an old issue of Dengeki Nintendo DS-Special Pokemon Issue-.

Pikachu sure does look good in dat hat.

The magazine came with stickers!  I already used some to spiffy-up my boring school stuff xD

I decided to eat the Pokemon candies cuz I was hungries.  They were delicious QQ

Now...onto my grail gets!!!!1

N SLEEVES!  Reshiram is so proud!!


And now...onto the secret box!!

Good thing we OPENED the top of the secret box---

...revealing some embarrassing snapshots of Pikachu, Pichu, Squirtle, and Charizard at the Christmas party!!

Ha ha ha!  Merry Christmas, Pikachu~

I'm thinking of "concentrating" my collection into plates...but I love plushies so much ;-; I dunno what to do!

Thank you all for looking! :D
Tags: buneary, charizard, emolga, metagross, monferno, pichu, pikachu, piplup, roselia, squirtle, turtwig, weavile
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