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A wild box from my childhood appears! - introductory post

Hello! My username was formerly ladyurja but I've bought a name-change token recently to match a book character I love. c: I've been lurking about this community for a bit, participated in a few GAs, and made a few purchases for maybe a couple months now. But I haven't formally introduced myself yet! ^^ I wanted to wait until I was able to go home and pick up this box from my childhood--the real beginnings of my pokemon collecting!

There's also a little special find at the end, just wait and see... ;) It'll make you laugh, I promise.

So yes obviously I was one of those wee tots in 5th or 6th grade when pokemon cards, games, and BK toys were released with all THE COLLECTING RAGE A TEN YEAR OLD COULD MUSTER!

And now, over a decade later, my poke craze appears to have returned--albeit with a deeper, burning vengeance. And not to mention with the added ability of online purchasing that was not available to me as a child. (Ow... my wallet...)

As I am starting to narrow down my current collection and what I choose to collect, I may be planning on selling most of this as a lot in the future, with the exception of a few items which hold sentimental value to me. Of course, I would need to get sales permission first, which I'm currently working on... I will be messaging those I've bought from recently soon for feedback ^^ Also, as a sidenote, I've been trying to get a hold of peeche00 for feedback, but haven't gotten a reply. :( If anybody has contacted them recently, please let me know.

Those with a little red star '' next to the picture I won't be selling in the future due to sentimental value! Also, I would include other things in the lot as well, like a bunch of TCGs I left at home which are also from the '90s poke-era...

Alright, now onto the goods...

This is how the box was when I retrieved it from my dusty 'ol closet. Snorlax is jus chillin'.

Yes, that is really what I labeled the box.

This is my buddy. One of my first pokemon toys. I remember Snorlax was really my favorite! I loved this toy so much. I'm glad it's still in good condition. ♥


Let's see what else is in here...

Some manuals & paper goods... Once upon a time, I really did use those cards to battle. XD I also must've really liked water pokemon at the time.

I was surprised I found this mint condition Misty Theme Deck. Someone can confirm whether everything is here or not, I really don't know but don't think I would have taken this set apart & used it. The collector in me is very proud of my younger self. :3

Time for closeups...

Misty-owned pokemon cards.

Tiny Togepi! My first friends plush. I didn't even know what a friends plush was at the time. I just remember buying the 'lil guy somewhere in Japantown, San Francisco because I was a huge Misty fan at the time. I remember opening the little HP points candy inside and sharing it with my cousins, because we were all curious what HP would taste like from the game. Then we got sugar rush and ran around yelling things like, "MY HP IS RE-ENERGIZED, TIME TO BATTLEEE!" *PEW PEW PEW* Yep... I won't be selling Togepi. ^^ Too much sentimental value attached to this little fellow, and Snorlax as well:

♥ :3 My longest plushie buddies...

And now... poke keychains!

I still can't get over just how nice of a condition these items are. I mean, they just sat in a dusty lil shoebox in the corner of my closet for years.. @_@ I think I never touched these because I was more of a plush person after all.

Shiny pokeball...

A WILD SNORLAX APPEARS! Or.. I guess not since he's already inside the pokeball... keeping this one too. ^^

Pokemon Power Bouncers, Pikachu & Squirtle. I don't recall them always having that yellowish tint. o_O

Pokemon Battle Tops! I think these were from a cereal box, or BK? Super cute, and shiny condition. :o I miss when cereal box prizes were as awesome as this.

I have no idea what these are from! I think the Raichu is a BK toy, yes? I don't remember what the Charmander is from... shiny shiny though.


Also BK I'm guessing.

Blastoise squirts water apparently, although I haven't tried testing it.

And now...

Pokemon Tomys!

Squirtle Line

so cute ^^

Legendary Birds

Some close-ups

They really look awesome all together.

Miscellaneous other Tomys

These ones are a bit more scuffed than the other ones.. hmmm...

Except Raichu, he's pretty shiny. :)

And then... I wasn't really sure what this was. A Metallic Charmander? lol

Some various other views...

So happy!

Applause plush!

This one I'm a little hesitant to sell unless I get a really good offer... he's so cute.

Gahh! I die! ♥ Who can say no to that face?

Back. Very New Condition.

Even the tush tag looks good.


Close up

Err, now he looks like a dead bird lying on his back like that.. lmao


Whee! ♥

erm, I forgot what these were called. :[

I believe these came with the above Tomy figures, yes?

All packed away...

If only gameboys were really this size.. would be so cute... *sigh*

Almost done here folks!

I have no idea what led me to keep Misty in her package, but she is very new & shiny. @_@ I'm starting to wonder if the kid in me knew I would grow up to be a collector some day......lol

The cardboard backing is missing, but she is in good shape. The set is all together!

Yeah, I think I did have an obsession with Misty and water pokemon back then. You shall see evidence of this theory in a bit...

Some burger king goodies down at the bottom of the box, plus a specially drawn card of Misty Mermaid by me! :D


Rev-Tops Paper Thingy

Oooo pretty...

I believe these from burger king too, yes? Super nice.

AND. UHH. DON'T LAUGH! :D (Jk laugh all ya want!)

A magicially drawn pokemon trainer card drawn by me! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA man was I a weird kid.

I even kept it in a nice piece of plastic... roflmao.

I've always wondered... did they ever make a real Misty Mermaid card? lol. I would like one. :)

Another BK collector insert.

And Now, the moment you've all been waiting for...

Drumroll please...


I laughed so hard when I found this at the bottom of the box. "10 Brand New Songs!" Oh my!

I hope you all knew the poke rap. It's okay. I did too. :3

2.B.A. Master Tracklist (via bulbapedia) -

Casette Side A
1. Pokémon Theme - Jason Paige [3:18]
2. B.A. Master - Russell Velázquez [4:04]
3. Viridian City - Jason Paige and Andre Betts [3:29]
4. What Kind of Pokémon Are You? - Joshua Tyler [3:41]
5. My Best Friends - Ray Greene [3:29]
6. Everything Changes - Sheila Brody [4:40]
7. The Time Has Come (Pikachu's Goodbye) - Marti Lebow [3:05]
Casette Side B
8. Pokémon (Dance Mix) - Vicki Sue Robinson [3:53]
9. Double Trouble (Team Rocket) - Rachael Lillis, Eric Stuart, Maddie Blaustein, and Ted Lewis [3:53]
10. Together Forever - J. P. Hartmann [3:55]
11. Misty's Song - Yvette Laboy [4:43]
12. Pokérap - James "D Train" Williams and Babi Floyd [3:03]
13. You Can Do It (If You Really Try) - John Loeffler [3:09]

Definitely not selling this either.

Annnnd that's all! :D Thank you for viewing and re-living my childhood with me. I hope you never give up trying to be the best and catch 'em all.

ladylale, formerly ladyurja

To sum up my wants:
★ Misty Mermaid card??? lol
★ I collect friends plush. :3 I will be doing a collection update soon once a bunch more friends plush I've bought recently arrives in the mail... along with my grail. ^o^ kekekekekekekeke!
★ I'm an espeon lover! anything Espeon
★ Also, I'm starting to dig the Snivy/Servine/Serperior Line, as well as the Darumakka. but will focus on those collections later.

Until then, keep an eye out for a sales post when I eventually do receive sales permission... I'm at 9 potential feedbacks right now once I contact them. I'll also make a collection+wants post of what friends plush I have and am looking for! :D

Cheers! ♥ And again, thanks for viewing. :) You are awesome.
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