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Some updates and wants

Life's been quite hectic lately, but I wanted to let everyone know that anyone waiting for anything from me - it has been shipped!

However, I do have a box of misfit toys from the past ~6 months or so of running GAs that were only partially paid for :( They're lonely and want to go to their homes, and I will be sorting through old spreadsheets over the next couple of weeks to try and track down their owners.  (Is it a little silly that I feel bad for this box of toys?  I kind of want to make a collection shelf for them if they're never claimed, just so they have a home.  I have a Manaphy plush from a GA back in early 2009 that I have a feeling will never be paid for, and I just feel bad for the little guy now.)

I'm also looking for a pick-me-up from the craziness of life, and what better to do that than new Pokemon ♥  I fell in love with this little fox after snagging the Pokedoll at Nintendo World a few weeks back, and I'm looking to get my hands on some more Zoruas.

I'm also on the lookout for two items in particular, the Litwick/Hitomoshi Pokemon Center strap and an Umbreon TOMY.  Either version of the charm is fine with me, and regarding the TOMY, I'd like to spend $5 or less on it (before shipping, doesn't need the packaging)
Thanks everyone, especially to those buyers who have been super patient with me :D
Tags: wanted
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