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Advanced Generation Zukan GA: WE WON! Payment 1 needed

Hello community! We won this lot of MIP zukans! We also got discounts! :D

Here is the total from Noppin.

Spreadheet is here! Note that payment depends on country, so make sure you pay attention to that detail.

It totals to approximately 158.24 (courtesy of paypal). I need payment right away! Preferrably before Wednesday. I will be sending out PMs to make sure you see this post. If I do not receive payment by Wednesday at 4:30 PM CDT (16:30), Aleyina instead will be sending you a second PM asking for payment. If payment is still not received by Friday at 4:30 PM CDT, I will be forced to leave negative feedback. I really do not want it to come to that so please, just send payment and everything will be good. :D

Please send payment to pantherotter AT hotmail DOT com with "Advanced Generation Zukan GA payment 1- (username)" in the title and message box. To make things easier for me, please edit the spreadsheet by letting me know that you payed and post your zip code/ country as well. Let me know that you payed by commenting in the PM that I sent you or to this post. :D

A payment 2 post (which includes shipping from Japan to me and from me to you) will be posted as soon as I receive the items. I will post pictures and the works so that way there will be no suprises. XD

Thank you to those who have participated!
Tags: group auction, payments
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