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Choose your free claims in the GA!!!

I have deleted in the old post and added this new one about this GA:

People, please read everything carefully, this is for both GA members and NON GA members

Me and karoia have decided to give up some freebies, since the fees for a lot of them were more than expected. There are about 300 more stickers unclaimed, that's why we decided to give up some freebies to the ones who participated, and the ones that the GA participants will not claim, they will be put down to sale later on.

We, the hosts, have decided to give out freebies depending on the fees you had to pay, rounding them up. Let's say you paid 11.32$ fee, rounded up it will be 11, so you can choose 11 free stickers for yourself. If you had a fee for example 0.87$, then you can choose only one sticker as a freebie. This is a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. Please comment HERE, so I can know which ones you want and which ones will be available for the others as well. You claim stickers based on your FEES ONLY, not for your claims.

I hope that you understand so far. Here is the list of how many stickers you can claim for yourself:

mommymoose - 2
rypeltajaroll - 7
sentret_draws - 3

That's it. Here are the stickers available for you (CRAPPY PHOTOS, my camera won't cooperate):

Once you will choose your stickers, I will either post another journal tomorrow or something, so I can be more organized.

Also, those who didn't edit the spreadsheet and didn't add where they live, DO IT NOW, SO I CAN CALCULATE THE SHIPPING FOR YOU! Again, I cannot send them to you if you do not give me where you are from.

Here is the spreadsheet:


Thanks guys for making this GA win!!! <333
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