DakaJojo (dakajojo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales Time!

Good day, everyone!

I have some new merch, old merch, and collection weeding to offer to you all today! ^^

♥In order to keep things easy on everyone, shipping and fees are included in the prices listed.
♥I can retain holds on items for 24 hours. I can make exceptions depending on the situation, though.
♥By agreeing to make a purchase, you are obligated to follow through with your payment as soon as possible, unless we have a prior arrangement. Non-paying buyers will be provided negative feedback and items will become available for purchase by other members.
♥I only accept Paypal payments, but no eChecks please.
♥Though I can ship world wide, I only accept USD. Sorry!
♥Everything is in new or good condition unless otherwise stated.
Haggling and making offers are completely acceptable, however please do not be upset if I do not accept your offer. ♥


Darumaka Pokemon Center Plush - SOLD
♥ Darumaka Tomy Figure with Base - $10 Shipped
Darumaka Bandai Kid - SOLD
♥ Pikachu Bellplush - $25 Shipped
♥ Spinda Zukan - $16 Shipped

♥ Super DX Banpresto Chikorita - $20 Shipped

♥ NEW! B&W Backpack (I have two available) - $30 Shipped (they are kind of heavy, but full of awesome!)

HUGE 2001 Celebi Handkerchief - SOLD

Thanks for looking everyone! I have a massive collection update I need to do - I just haven't had much time to put it all together. XD

I also will be launching my collection website in the VERY near future. I will also start to offer hosting to members who would like to have a collection website of their own. More details sooooooon. ;)

Tags: sales
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