Sheshy-San (eevee_kins) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Cleaning Out Sales for this Month + Plush Update

Today I be clearing out my Pokemon Sales,what is not sold will be thrown into ebay.And this be the last sales post for this month for me as I be going out of town at the end of the month,And want to sell whatever I can before I go,what is not sold by tonight or tomorrow morning will be on eBay.

So please check out my sales and give these Poke's a home!
I added in a extra Eevee Tomy Plush I had,I have like 3! and just noticed 2 are same ack ,I also still have Arceus Pokedoll and some Jakks of the Eeveelution along with other small plushes ,Also lowered price on the Eevee big tail charm ^^ in my sales so check it out

Thank you!click pic to go sales

and so this wont be so boring! I took a new picture of all my eevee plushes : D! 2011 pic woot so many I'm only missing a few that I know of hopefully this year I be able obtain at least 1-2 of them as there so rare find now a days! I have a full collection update soon just waiting for one more package! thanks for reading ;]


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