pickleinspector (pickleinspector) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Collection Update!

I haven't really posted anything on here before, so I guess this is an intro page?

I have a pretty large collection, but for now I'm just posting some recent finds.

I went to San Francisco's Japan Town last weekend to geek out, and it happened to be the Cherry Blossom Festival!

There were so many people, and while it was enjoyable, I found this adorable one!

A Super DX Oshawott plush! At least, that's what I could get from it's tag. I've named him Eridan because he looks so sad, and lives in the ocean(I guess?)

I also received

today! Ordered from the awesome Nanoplasm, her name is Stufflett!(Kind of an awkward name :\)

The new ones together in a crappy shot! :D

I want to document the rest of my collection sometime soon, so stay tuned!

Tags: collection, oshawott, whimsicott
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