sanderfowl (sanderfowl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

so, hay guys (:
i set myelf the ultimate goal: collection ALL johto kids+ some personal favorites of other genarations.
can somebody please tell me where to get them cheap? (1~2$)
second i have  huge  questions to ask you.
i only have some good feel about figures, but plushies is like in a different league..
are these real? is it worth it?
thanks you guys (L)

bacause there's copywright or something on the online photo's here are the pop-up links ):

so, worth like 22$? (15 euro)

second a friend told me he wants to get rid of his plushies.
i'm not an expert a rating pluhsies so: worth 30 euro?(around 45 $)

third, how many should rakou eintei and suicune pokedolls mwt cost?
found all three for 75$ but a im not an expert... :$

Tags: kids
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