majoradrakken (majoradrakken) wrote in pkmncollectors,

OHH! My boyfriend pestered me into buying the Johto Gym badges off of ebay. XD I said I was gonna get them after our money turned up in paypal and hes like "so what about those gym badges". He said he wants to be pimp. XD I used to own a few of the Kanto gym badges, but was never in a league >>...
Johto is my favorite region! So I can't wait :3
I also got a little card lot of best winner cards. I got it mainly for the dark ivysaur and dark venusaur, so I'm going to be selling everything else.
Sales post on Friday! The first day of spring break!

Also, a question...
WHERE do I get the pokemon easter baskets!? I REALLY want a pikachu or a piplup one.. D: and everytime I go to a store, I look everywhere, but I can't find them <_<; :3 thankyouuu~
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