Longcat (nagaineko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Anime Boston 2011! Discounts still going on in my shop!

Hi Collectors!  Just a couple of quick things I wanted to ask/reiterate...

The first: Who's going to be attending Anime Boston this year?!  It's this weekend and I haven't seen a post about it yet, so I figured I would ask (and please let me know if someone has already brought this up and I will delete this post).  I would love to meet some Collectors and hang out, so speak up if you're attending! :)  I can't organize a meet-up because I'll be at Artist Alley for the majority of the convention, but someone else totally should if they're going and are able!

Secondly: Sales still going on in my shop.  $2 off on shipping for orders totalling $2 or more and 20% off of orders $20 or more!  For those of you thinking "Wait, you didn't have that $2.50 thing for shipping before..." I realized that I would actually be losing money if I sold super-cheap stuff with free shipping. ^^;  I hope everyone understands.....  And with all of that taken care of, click the banner to be transported!

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