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Pink Chubby Collection Update!~

 Extremely sorry for being a Slowpoke. ._. Nearly all of my parcels have now been sent off. The few stragglers that're still on my shelf will be taken to the post office tomorrow. Thanks for everyone's patience! My LJ inbox is just a complete mess at the moment so I'll be going through that tonight and hopefully getting back to everyone about things they've messaged me about. x-x;

Anyways, it's been about six months now since I joined the community so I've decided to show off most of my Slow-line collection! c:

Here's most of my collection surrounding my tv... a few months back it only spanned the area of one shelf.
Things shown here not photographed later are my Slowpoke piggy bank and big plush Slowpoke pillow (with a little Tentomon sat on top hehe).

My cute little charms. The first four I commissioned from hazuza and the second two I'm unsure of the artist. If anyone knows that would be appreciated! ^^


Frames pictures~ The first one is a copic marker picture of Conway and his Slowking my friend on my Animation course drew for me. The second two are postcards. Wish Slowking got some more postcards. D:
Edit: Here's the pic on her DA page


Here's Fuzzypoke and some other random things. Snagged the MIB TOMY Slowbro on my trip to America~
Two of my shelves, with Derpypoke custom plush and Babypoke Applause plush. I have the tendency to name everything "____poke". xD The domed figure is named Bradfordpoke because I first seen it on a trip to Bradford in the top display shelf of a gachapon machine but they weren't actually giving it out in the machine. ;-; The pretty Slowking sketch was drawn by one of my friends.

The Slowking Strawberry slice sculpture was made by wishuponjirachi . It's really well made. <3 I'll upload some nice photos of it sometime when I get around to re-doing my collection website.

The first picture is a collage I've started on a pin board in another part of my room. I should invest some money in some flats sometime instead of avoiding them like the plague, hehe. ^^' The second is a few of my bigger Slowking flats.


Slowpoke settei! x3 Being an Animator I absolutely love anything to do with animation production. If anyone has a Slowking or Conway settei lying around... *puppy-dog eyes*

Finally, the latest addition to my collection. Vol 15 of the Pokemon Trainers Magazine! c: I don't care so much for the insides (though it is fun to try and guess what all of the Japanese is talking about) but the cover is really beautiful. <3 And that Bellsprout is so creepy. xD

Thanks for reading everyone. :3
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